Outdoor Benefits And Uses Of Fog Misting Systems.

11 Sep

As the summer approaches temperature increases and the humidity in the air reduces.  More respiration is experienced during this period of high temperature, transpiration also increases leading to plants wilting.  Hence the rate at which the plant loses the water to the atmosphere is high.  As a farmer you can keep the place cool by installing the advanced fog system which generally the dryness of the air by releasing micro-water droplets thereby ensuring that the crops do not end up perishing due to wilting.  These systems come in various models and brands, but as a farmer, you should consider the one that can serve you the entire season.  It mostly works in the greenhouses to keep moisture in the air.  The the output of the farm increases with the aid of the fog misting system.

The fog misting system is specialized and well build to ensure that water is pumped at a high pressure thereby creating water droplets in a large space without making the space wet.  The excess heat in the atmosphere is lowered by the sprayed water which is usually sprayed more than six feet from the system.  The fact that the fan of the fog misting system is not fixed in one place then it makes the system efficient as one can be able to change the orientation.  Other than aiding in the growth of the crops directly, the system can be used to control the bugs and pests in your farm.  Bugs and pests which are hosted by temperature such as flies and mosquitoes will be eliminated. Find more info about high pressure misting fan.

Other uses of the misting system apart from the agriculture is the food processing industry.  Crops like flowers require a high level of water saturation in the air for them to remain fresh hence the need for a mister to ensure that their real nature and beauty is maintained.  The device makes the atmosphere around to have a high level of water and not to make it watery.  Livestock being part of the farm can be made to produce more by the use of the fog misting device.  A good example are cows which their products can be affected by excess heat.  Its therefore desirable to set up a place where these animals can stay cool to improve their productivity thereby increasing the net income.  In industrial sites where food products are processed, the misting is used to reduce the dust in the air.  Respiratory diseases and those associated with vision can be as a result of working in dusty place, therefore is advisable to install a misting device to reduce such cases.  Dust particles are typically attracted by the mist.  The dust particles land on the field after they get attached to the mist.  The misters are usually fitted with timers and sensors so that when the relative humidity of the air reaches some level they become activated and the action starts over.  Learn and find out more about commercial misting systems.

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